Join our community and become a Columban!

Considering St Columba's for your family is the first step to becoming part of a nurturing, supportive community where excellence in education and pastoral care will be central to your child's Columban journey, whether they enter the school age 3 or age 17. 

We understand that every child is different and that in many instances, family circumstances will dictate a child's entry point. For these reasons, there are no rigid entry points at St Columba's. We are here for you when you need us.



Where do I start?

The best way to determine whether or St Columba's if right for your child is to come and visit us. We can arrange any and all of the following: 

  • School tour 
  • Meeting with our Rector, Mrs Andrea Angus or Head of the Junior School, Mrs Alison Duncan
  • Taster Day during which your child will spend time with their future classmates

Our Admissions Registrar, Mrs Moira McWhirter, is always delighted to meet new families and to support them through the admissions process and beyond. Email Mrs McWhirter by clicking here: or telephone 01505 872238.

Will my child be assessed? 

We assess all children entering St Columba's School so that we can provide the very best experience for them. Entry for most year groups is assessed by way of an entrance test, an interview and a report from the child's previous school. We try to put every child at their ease by making this stage as informal as possible - it is possible, therefore, for children to sit an entrance test during their Taster Day.  

Entrance to Early Years and Junior 1 is assessed informally. Children are invited to visit the school individually or in small groups. We will notify you directly of the date. Pupils accepted into Early Years do not automatically move in to Junior 1 but are assessed in the same manner as all other Junior 1 applicants. However, when a pupil is accepted into Junior 1, or subsequent years, they will generally be eligible to move into the Senior School without further assessment.

Our Admissions Process

Our Admissions Policy provides a wealth of information on assessment details, entrance points and everything in between. Our quick guide below gives an overview: 

  • Arrange a Taster Day or visit  |  Experience being a St Columba's pupil for the day! This is a wonderful experience which allows children to spend a typical day with their peers. It is important that they feel welcomed and excited by the prospect of their new environment and a Taster Day is an important first step! We can also arrange for your child to sit the entrance test during their Taster Day - for most families, this is the preferred option. 
  • Complete the Application Form  |  When you bring your child to the school for a Taster Day or visit, you will be asked to complete the form but you can also do this ahead of or after the Taster Day. 
  • Assessment  We have an Entrance Test Day every January and you can register your child by contacting Mrs McWhirter.
  • Invitation to interview  |  This sounds daunting but it's not! St Columba's School is a place where pupils and staff know one another well. We establish strong relationships with families from the outset so that they feel comfortable and supported throughout their Columban journey.

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Admissions Process

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Why St Columba's?

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