Book Clubs are held on a weekly basis for Junior 5/6 and are ideal for children who enjoy reading and would like the opportunity to read and discuss books together. 

Junior Researchers Club meets every week in the ICT suite and encourages inquisitive young minds to find out more about any topic they are interested in, teaches them how to research and then share their discoveries. 

Philosophy Club is for Junior 4 - 6 to encourage our young thinkers enjoy fun and games as much as a challenge in our Philosophy Club where we encourage children to share their ideas and look at things from different perspectives. 

Chess Club is for Junior 5 and Junior 6 children, but beginners in Junior 4 can come along every week and play for fun, too. 

Science Club is for Junior 4 children and operates on a four-week rotation, giving children the opportunity to carry out some simple yet fun experiments. 

Touch Typing Club is open to Junior 4-Junior 6 pupils to learn how to touch type or improve this useful skill.

Craft Club is for Junior 4 - Transitus pupils to develop their felting, sewing, cross stitch and other crafty skills. All materials will be supplied. 

Art Club runs until Christmas for enthusiastic Junior 4 - Junior 6 budding artists who love to draw, sketch and doodle who will enjoy learning how to create their very own masterpiece. 

Scripture Union Explorers Club is for Junior 4 -6 to share Bible stories, plays games, arts and crafts whilst learning about Christianity in greater detail. 

Board Games Club gives Junior 4 - Junior 6 pupils the chance to play traditional board games involving strategy or chance every week. 

Transitus Drop in French Club provides extra help or support for pupils at this club every Monday. Packed lunch is required.



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