The creative industries are worth around £8 million an hour to the UK. People within these industries not only create wealth, but help forge cultural identity and improve society. In the Design Faculty we appreciate the importance of encouraging young people to express themselves confidently and challenging themselves to think beyond the obvious.

Pupils benefit from strong inter-departmental links, which means that the creative process need not end at the drawing stage and design models can be made on the machines under the supervision of our staff in the Technical Department.

From Transitus through to Senior VI, we equip our pupils with the knowledge, skills, experiences and the confidence to be part of the creative world and to be ready to make their mark.


St Columba’s art education allows pupils to develop the skills needed to express their individual responses in a visual way. From Transitus to Senior II the focus for our young artists is on gaining experience and enjoyment. We explore Design, Expressive Art and Critical Studies. This format is also the basis of studies to Higher grade.

From Senior III to Senior VI pupils explore both Scottish and international art and design. Links are made with their own work and those of contemporary practitioners. They enjoy the option to paint, sculpt or design depending on which direction their studies and personal inclination lead them.

In line with the Curriculum for Excellence we ensure that each pupil is fully engaged and, as much as possible, autonomous in their choice of projects. There are plenty of opportunities to take art outside the classroom and for pupils to exhibit their work.

Art can be taken to National 5, Higher and Advanced Higher level.

Design Technology 

Pupils experience Product Design from Transitus through to Design and Manufacture courses at examination level. We focus on creativity and innovation. Pupils have opportunities to make good use of knowledge and skills obtained in other subjects. For example we draw on numeracy and science when considering technical details and operational principles, and on aspects of social sciences when considering aspects of environmentalism and ethics, as well as other areas of the curriculum, personal experiences and interests. 

Design and Manufacture can be taken to National 5, Higher and Advanced Higher level.

Graphic Communication

The ability to communicate effectively is an essential requirement in every field of endeavour. Graphic Communication allows pupils to develop a knowledge and understanding of the language of graphic communication and introduces pupils to the diversity of presentation methods. Pupils are prepared for examinations at National 5 and Higher level.