The benefits of physical activity on the physical, social and mental health of young people are well-documented. An increasing number of studies have found that physical activity undertaken by school pupils promotes neural health, impacting on cognitive skills and memory, and allowing pupils to maximise academic performance. At St Columba’s our pupils score well above national average fitness levels.St Columba's PE

Our aim is to cultivate a passion for sport that will engage every pupil and hopefully become a life-long habit. We offer a wide curriculum, which includes hockey, rugby, basketball, tennis and badminton. At Senior IV to Senior VI we try hard to facilitate personal choices such as rock-climbing, judo and street-dance.

Our size means that every child has the chance to represent St Columba’s as a member of one of the school teams. Tours to places like Spain and Italy provide opportunities to interact with young people from other cultures, to develop friendships and reinforce their sense of community.

Our pupils and teams perform and have been placed in local, national and international competitions.