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All pupils in SVI are prefects, in recognition of the importance the School places on leadership, teamwork and collective responsibility.  To develop this, prefects participate in team building/motivational weekends at Ardeonaig in late August and at Drymen in early January.

Prefects are expected to undertake a range of duties.  Heads of School draw up a duty rota to ensure duties are carried out.  Prefects are given the responsibility of encouraging appropriate behaviour as detailed in the pupils’ code of conduct.

School Council

In Senior School, the School Council is led by two of the Depute Heads of School and comprises of elected representatives from each year group who meet fortnightly with the Head of Guidance.  The Council discusses pupil concerns.  The Rector attends meetings of the School Council on a regular basis.

Captains’ Forum

In Junior School, the Captains’ Forum comprises of elected representatives from each class.  The Forum meets on a regular basis with Mrs Duncan, Head of Junior School.

Pupils in Photographs

From time to time, the School takes photographs of pupils for publication in the School’s publicity material and on the website.  The consent of parents for the use of photographic images of their children is requested annually.

Social Areas


Each year group has a designated social area within the School.  This normally doubles as a cloakroom and storage area for bags and sports equipment.   All musical instruments should be stored in the music department.

SV and SVI Common Rooms

Pupils may eat their lunch in their common rooms.  Each pupil in SV and SVI is required to pay a levy of £10, returnable at the end of the session, providing there has been no wilful damage to the fabric or property of the common room.  Pupils operate rotas for tidying the common rooms.