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senior school

About Senior School: one of the leading independent schools in the Glasgow area

Senior School is housed on the original Duchal Road campus which has been significantly developed over the years to provide additional teaching accommodation.  The current school roll is just over 710 with 360 pupils in Senior School.

Through the promotion of academic rigour and extracurricular excellence we strive to create an environment which is vibrant and a culture which celebrates effort, determination, self-belief and achievement.

A broad-based common course of study is pursued in Senior I and II, allowing pupils to develop a wide range of knowledge before they begin the process of specialising in Senior III. They then have the choice of three Modern Languages, as well as the Sciences, Classics, Business Management, Design and Manufacture, Graphic Communication, Expressive Arts and Humanities. With the advice from trained pastoral staff, as well as from their teachers - and of course parents - pupils choose the subjects which will lead to external Scottish Qualification Authority examinations.

In Senior V pupils focus on four or five subjects at Higher grade .

Most of our students attain sufficient Higher grades at the end of fifth year to pursue their chosen course of study at university. However, the majority choose to continue at St Columba's to study subjects at Advanced level and to develop their personal and leadership skills.

At Advanced Higher grade, a wide range of subjects is available, taught in small classes, ensuring a very high level of individual attainment.  Senior VI students study up to three Advanced Highers or opt for a mixture of Advanced Highers and Highers .

In most years 97% of our pupils attend university both north and south of the border, ancient and modern as well as Oxbridge.

These achievements make us proud to be one of the leading independent schools in Scotland.