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Your support will help to ensure that today’s pupils and future generations continue to enjoy the superb educational experience which is the hallmark of St Columba’s School.

Please support St Columba's in a way that works for you - gifts can be a one-off donation, a regular amount or perhaps a gift to the School in your will.  Gifts of all sizes will make a difference and be greatly appreciated.


“We have kids in SI and J6 who will benefit enormously from the investment in the senior school. We have set up a monthly contribution over five years which, with gift aid and matching though an employer’s payroll giving scheme, will soon add up.
Previous generations made the investment in St Columba's, and it’s our turn to help secure the future of our school. If we all get behind the project and do our bit, we’ll soon hit the target.”
Parents of current Senior and Junior School pupils

Gift Aid - is it worth it? Yes!

Examples of tax effective giving for higher rate taxpayers:

Your Donation Total Value with Gift Aid Cost to 40% Taxpayer Cost to 45% Taxpayer
£25 £31.25 £18.75 £17
£50 £62.50 £37.50 £34.37
£100 £125 £75 £68.75
£250 £312.50 £187.50 £171.85
£500 £625 £375 £343.70
£1000 £1250 £750 £687.50
£5000 £6250 £3750 £3437.50
£10000 £12500 £7500 £6875


“Even though our kids have now left, we wanted to give something back to the school that has given our family such a great start. We were also delighted to learn we could make our gift over a number of years, helping our cashflows and at the same time allowing us to give a little more than if we were making a one off donation. Also, by donating through Gift Aid, the School benefits even more.”
Parents of recent former pupils and a current pupil

Example of gifts over multiple years:

Your Donation Total Gift over 24 months Total Gift over 36 months Total Value with Gift Aid Cost to 40% Taxpayer Cost to 45% Taxpayer
£250 £11/month £7/month £312.50 £187.50 £171.85
£500 £21/month £14/month £625 £375 £343.70
£1000 £42/month £28/month £1250 £750 £687.50
£5000 £209/month £139/month £6250 £3750 £3437.50
£10000 £417/month £278/month £12500 £7500 £6875


"As the parents of three children who attended St Columba’s in the nineties, we regard the education they received as instrumental in preparing them for their future careers. The school is a tremendous asset to our village providing a beacon of excellence in the academic world.
Any child showing talent or potential is given full encouragement to shine. We are pleased to be able to offer financial support as St Columba’s invests for future generations of children.”
Parents of three former pupils

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