St Columba’s is a school where music plays a key part in the lives of our students. Those with musical abilities are nurtured and we do everything we can to develop confident and enthusiastic performers. For those pupils for whom musical performance is not a forte, there is ample opportunity to develop an appreciation for good music and to support their peers.   


In the recent Trinity and The Associated Board of the Royal School of music examinations, a large number of St Columba’s pupils put in a great deal of preparation. The examinations are comprehensive testing musicians on theory, technical ability and performance. 


For the full list of results, please see here below:   



Harry M, J5S – Initial Grade – Distinction (Trinity) 

Lucy M S1C – Grade 3 – Merit (Trinity) 

Matthew B S4S – Grade 7 – Merit (Trinity) 

Logan M J5B   Grade 1 – Merit (Trinity) 

Ruby T J6B - Grade 1 - Distinction (Trinity) 

Harry M J5B - Initial - Distinction (Trinity) 

Sophie P S2D - Grade 2 Merit (ABRSM) 

Tess M S3C - Grade 4 - Distinction (Trinity) 

Lucy M S1C - Grade 3 - Merit (Trinity)


Saxophone & Clarinet 

Catriona L S5 - Grade 6 Saxophone with Merit (Trinity) 

Catherine W S2 - Grade 2 Clarinet with Merit (ABRSM) 

Emily B S1 - Grade 6 Clarinet with Distinction (ABRSM)

Honor M J4 - Grade 1 Clarinet with Distinction (ABRSM) 

Hannah F S6 – Grade 8 Saxophone with Distinction (ABRSM)  

Hannah F S6 – Grade 8 Clarinet with Distinction (ABRSM)   



Molly C S2 – Grade 4 (ABRSM) 

Stella M S1 – Grade 3 Merit (ABRSM) 

Rebecca R J6 – Grade 1 Merit (ABRSM) 

Anjali R S2 – Grade 1 Merit (ABRSM) 

Sara S J6 – Grade 1 Merit (ABRSM)   



Sandy W S2S – Grade 2 – Merit (Trinity) 

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